Trust Yourself

The Self-Trust Starter Kit contains everything you need to begin the process of embracing your inner wisdom & unlocking extraordinary possibilities in your life.

    Hi, I'm Jesse

    I help soul-searching millennials trust themselves enough to show up authentically in the world.

    The work I do is my distillation of over 22 years of meditation, yoga practice, somatic work, and deep inner healing as well as 10 years in the leadership coaching industry. 

    My mission to is help as many people as possible get connected to themselves to make the world a more loving, compassionate, and peaceful place. 

    3 Ways I Can Help

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    Everyday, I share content to help you become aligned, alive, and authentic. 

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    This Starter Kit contain everything you need to start down the healing path of trusting yourself.

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    Leadership & presence coaching for soul searching millennials.

    Free Practices

    Strozzi Practice

    The Strozzi Centering exercise is a somatic practice that walks you through aligning your body and mind across different depths and physical planes. Once you

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    Three Deep Breaths

    This centering practice provides a simple structure to help you destress and realign. The three breaths include: The Centering Breath, The Possibility Breath, and the

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